Where possible, punctures should be repaired immediately, since continued use will render the tyre unsafe. If your tyre is forced to undergo a temporary repair, it must be removed from service and taken for safe repair as soon as possible.

All major tyre producers are bound by global guidelines to determine whether a puncture is safe to repair. Tyre producers are also required to prescribe the instructions on safe tyre repair. The incorrect repair of tyres can cost lives; a tyre must be removed from the rim, followed by a close analysis to correctly assess and repair a puncture.

If it is deemed that the tyre can be safely repaired, the only method that should be used is a mushroom plug applied from inside the tyre (a combination of a plug and patch).

  • The inner liner of the tyre must be buffed and prepared.

  • The path of the puncture through the tyre must be cleaned.

  • The plug is pulled through completely, filling the path of the puncture.

  • The patch is cemented and coated to ensure air integrity. 

  • The tyre is re-fitted to the wheel, inflated and water tested.

  • The wheel is balanced to adjust for redistributed weight because of the repair.

How do I know my tyre repair is being done safely?

A legal and safe repair can only be done by removing the tyre from the rim. A puncture repair done in under 15 minutes or for less than R120 is almost certainly non-compliant. Responsible tyre dealers will always follow these protocols and will refuse to repair tyres that fall outside of these parameters.

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