Alloy wheels are now standard fitment on almost all cars. Not too long ago, they used to be an expensive option or an aftermarket fitment. While alloy wheels look good, they do require maintenance, both in terms of aesthetic appearance and structural integrity. 

There may be instances where rims appear to be in good condition but have structural damage due to routine wear and tear, road hazards or potholes.

We offer the following wheel repairs:

  • Straightening of alloy wheels that are not running true due to minor road hazards

  • Buckled or bent wheels due to more significant impact, such as potholes

  • Cracked wheels that lose air which is generally also due to high impact damage

  • Corroded wheels that also lose air due to compromised sealing on the tyre bead

Damaged alloys can compromise safety if there is structural damage that can cause the wheel or tyre to fail. Buckled or ‘out of round’ wheels will cause vibration and excessive road feedback which is not only annoying but if left can cause damage to suspension and other components.

We also provide a full refurbishment service to renew wheels to their original factory appearance or can colour-code wheels to achieve a specific look or custom requirement.

We offer the following refurbishment options:

  • Standard alloys – repaired, straightened and recoated to either a custom colour choice or original factory colour

  • Diamond-cut alloys – painted and recut on a lathe to original specification 

  • Polished alloys – hand- or machine-polished to restore the original finish

Mobile wheel repairs are quick and convenient but do not offer the benefits of a repair done in a controlled, specialised environment. Our wheel repairs start from a ‘back to bare metal’ process in which the tyre is removed from the rim, after which the process below is followed:

  • Wheel chemically stripped to metal

  • Wheel assessed for ‘roundness’, buckles and any cracks which are repaired

  • The wheel is then washed, and any deep scratches or gouges are filled 

  • Primer is then applied and baked to cure

  • Wheel is then painted in a spray booth and cured under heat in a drying room

  • An acrylic clear coat is finally applied

  • Lastly, the tyre is remounted to the wheel and balanced using a Hunter road force diagnostic balancer to ensure it is free from vibration or force variations

While most wheels can be repaired and refurbished to a high standard, there may be some wheels that are beyond economic or safe repair. We will assess your wheels, after which we will quote you based on the specific damage and final finish required.