Your battery is the heart of your vehicle. Despite being easily tested or replaced, battery failure often results in motorists being stranded. In general, a car battery should last for about three to four years. We recommend getting your battery checked every six months once older than three years.

Signs of a failing battery include:

  • Sluggish or hesitant engine cranking on starting

  • Dashboard battery warning light

  • Intermittent issues with electrical components on your vehicle such as power windows, seats or sunroof

  • Swollen battery case is generally a sign of internal damage

  • Bad smell indicates your battery is venting sulfuric acid which is also a sign of internal damage


Modern cars with start-stop and regenerative braking systems place great demand on batteries and it is critical that the correct battery type is fitted to your vehicle.

Our battery replacement service includes:

  • Removal and recycling of the old battery

  • Inspection of the battery tray and cable terminals

  • Temporary power to maintain the settings of memory based electrical components

Whilst in service, the battery is charged by the vehicle alternator. Should the battery become discharged after a long period of non-use, it should be charged using an external intelligent charger to restore state of charge. We will gladly assist with this at no cost on all batteries purchased from us.

We sell most major battery brands with warranties of 18 to 25 months, depending on the brand fitted.