Fitting new tyres is only part of wheel safety, and the correct maintenance of your tyres is important. Tyres should be inspected periodically for damage and rotated every 8 000 km to ensure even wear and prolong useable life. Alignment should also be checked at the same interval. 

Tyres do get punctures and there are global guidelines that all major tyre producers subscribe to that determine if a puncture is safe to repair, and prescribe how the repair must be done. Incorrectly repaired tyres can cost lives. To correctly assess and repair a puncture, the tyre MUST BE REMOVED from the rim and inspected.

We place great importance on our customers’ wellbeing and loyalty, and for this reason, every tyre bought from a Value Tyre & Fitment store includes a ‘Miles More Value’ maintenance package at no extra cost, giving you: 

  • Free inspection, rotation & balancing every 8 000 km for the life your tyres.

  • Free mushroom plug puncture repair & rebalance, for the life your tyres.

  • Free battery diagnostic and integrity test every winter. 

  • 50% discount on air conditioner inspection and regassing every summer.

  • 25% discount on alloy wheel refurbishment once a year.