Shock absorbers and struts are paramount for maintaining the integrity of your vehicle suspension. Shocks allow the tyres to conform to the road contours, dampening impact and providing road holding. Shocks also ensure stability and manoeuvrability to provide a safe, smooth and balanced ride, contributing to how well your vehicle brakes. Your shocks play a vital role in providing safety, balanced handling and vehicle integrity during emergencies. An indication of worn or damaged shock absorbers are:

  • Steering is noisy; stiff or vibrates.

  • Excessive bounce on uneven surfaces.

  • Oil or fluid leakages from shocks or struts.

  • Nose-diving during braking.

  • Excessive lean or body roll on bends and turns.

  • Uneven or cupped tyre wear.

  • Visibly dented or damaged housing around the shock.

  • Mounts and bushings are broken or worn.

If your vehicle has done more than 80 000 km on its shock absorbers, it is likely that they are due for replacement. It is recommended that you have your shocks checked every year or every 50 000 km. BOOK A SHOCK INSPECTION at a Value Tyre Group store.

We also offer a reconditioning service for classic cars where replacement shocks may be unavailable or difficult to source.