Brakes are a critical safety component of your vehicle. A lot happens when you "hit the brakes;" the cylinders supply brake fluid to your callipers that then power your brake pads. The pressure from the pads is in turn applied to your brake disks, providing the correct amount of friction to bring your vehicle to a safe stop.

Common signs providing an indication that your brakes need attention include the following:

  • The brake warning light on your dash is lit.

  • The brake pedal feels soft, spongy or goes down to the floor when applied.

  • When you apply brakes, the steering shakes or shudders.

  • Under braking, the vehicle pulls either to the left or right.

  • Your brakes make high-pitched squealing noises.

  • Your brakes make clicking or grinding noises.

  • The brake pedal vibrates when applied.

  • Your vehicle takes longer than usual to stop.

  • You smell a burning chemical odour after driving

  • There are fluid stains in your parking space

If your car is experiencing any of the following issues or your brakes just do not feel right, BOOK A BRAKE INSPECTION at a Value Tyre Group store. We will assess your vehicle according to manufacturer specifications, advise and quote you on the vehicle’s needs.

We will check:

  • pads and/or shoes

  • discs and/or drums

  • callipers and cylinders

  • springs, adjusters and parking brake cable

  • hoses and possible leaks

  • brake fluid level and condition